Be Reserved... Take the Risk.

Life's Perfect Balance 

This title might sound like a oxymoron but I generally apply this to every decision I make. Finding the median, the balance in every situation. Finding life's perfect balance. 

Something I like to tell first time clients is to "Be Free". Literally clear your mind. Create space to create. Leave the rest of your day at the door and allow yourself room for creativity.  No over thinking, no "What if", Let's just create.

When was the last time you took a risk? How did it feel? 

Nothing grows or is created from a safe place. Also, I don't say that to say just jump out the window. This is where I feel fusing both mindsets comes into play. Be both. Be reserved enough to calculate, Take the risk by deciding to take action. 

In Conclusion

This is the best way I would describe my finished product. Well at least what I aim to complete. The perfect balance. From technique to coloration. Reserved feeling but still bold enough, still risky.

Model - @_Unique_Beautyx3