Stay Ready series.


Stay Ready Series

Represents a collection of images captured in their natural element. 


Let's make a beautiful mess.

Stay Ready series.

Fall madness in the summer. Stay Ready series

Stay Ready series.

In between a laugh & the blast. I found you.

Stay Ready series.

My New Favorite Headphones - Sony MDR 1000x !

I'm always on the go, and also a music junkie. Being a  graduate if the Insitute of Audio Research, I have a ear for good clean audio. I wanted some new over ear headphones to accompany me on my journeys throughout NYC. 

My New Favorite Headphones!

Sony MDR 1000x

Sony's MDR 1000x

These are the absolute James bond's of the headphone industry. I did my research before purchasing and I was highly anticipating these headphones. This is not a in depth review, just my brief experience.  

The Pros

Noise Cancellation

I would say that's the best feature on these set of headphones. This feature absolutely isolates your sound from everything else. This is great for long commutes or flights. Just be careful in public with this feature. I missed the train a couple times.


A sleek yet bold "Stealth" like design is how I would describe these headphones. Not to loud in appearance. 

Technology / Features

The right ear cup is touch sensitive. This is for swiping up and down to raise or lower volume, Swiping forward or back to skip or reverse tracks, Double tapping to play or pause your music. This functionally is rather impressive and intuitive. Also placing your whole hand over the right ear cup lowers your music and turns on the ambient microphones so you can hold a conversation or hear your surroundings without taking off your headphones. Great enjoyable feature!

The Cons


I tend to notice a bit of distortion sometimes when I move or put my head down. Not a real deal breaker, it's just something I noticed sometimes while listening.


These are not the loudest set of headphones i've encounter. If you're looking for that deep heavy bass these are not for you. Although this might not be a con, these have more of a well rounded balanced sound compared to my Soul OE wireless headphones.

In Conclusion

These headphones retail at $400. Are they for the average consumer? maybe not. But do I feel they're are worth the price? I personally do. If you're looking to escape your surroundings or a frequent traveler then these are for you. I personally love them.

Be Reserved... Take the Risk.

Life's Perfect Balance 

This title might sound like a oxymoron but I generally apply this to every decision I make. Finding the median, the balance in every situation. Finding life's perfect balance. 

Something I like to tell first time clients is to "Be Free". Literally clear your mind. Create space to create. Leave the rest of your day at the door and allow yourself room for creativity.  No over thinking, no "What if", Let's just create.

When was the last time you took a risk? How did it feel? 

Nothing grows or is created from a safe place. Also, I don't say that to say just jump out the window. This is where I feel fusing both mindsets comes into play. Be both. Be reserved enough to calculate, Take the risk by deciding to take action. 

In Conclusion

This is the best way I would describe my finished product. Well at least what I aim to complete. The perfect balance. From technique to coloration. Reserved feeling but still bold enough, still risky.

Model - @_Unique_Beautyx3

Taking photos vs Creating photos.

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Are you taking photos or creating photos?

_DSC8058 diff.jpg

Think about the statement. To quickly explain the difference, anyone can take a photo, I'm pretty sure you have tons of images in your phone. When you're creating images it goes a step further. 

When was the last time you created? 

It takes a certain effort and care to CREATE, so this makes it personal, this makes it special. Creating images, understanding the elements that go into creating as a creative separate the difference. In my belief. Learn and take control over your craft.

Role Reversal.

As a model you're a major contributor to creating the image. The photographer and staff might set the tempo, but as the model you are the subject, you are the the highlight. Grasp the importance and take initiative. You are a contributor to this image or project being great. Identify with your strengths, master poses, and conveying emotion. Learn to create in front of the camera. FEEL what you're doing, Own it.

In Conclusion.  

Love and appreciate what you're doing, it will show in your work. People identify with this, whether you realize it or not. Be a creative!

5 Tips to a great photoshoot.

Throughout my experience of shooting and working with different people, I’ve noticed 5 major key factors that always help make a photo shoot run smoothly and get you the best results. These 5 factors may not work for every photographer but for me it has made my career so much better.

B E  O N  T I M E  /  C O M M U N I C A T I O N

First and foremost its always a good thing to be on time and communicate with those working on the shoot. When shooting and preparing for a shoot you should treat it like an interview. An interview is a priority, correct? You should treat your shoots the same. Especially if you want to leave a good impression with those working on the shoot. We are all human and sometimes situation come about, that’s why communication is important. So reaching out to your photographer to inform them you’re running late is common courtesy and it goes a long way.

F E E L I N G  C O M F O R T A B L E

Feeling Comfortable is also important not only for the model but for the photographer as well. There’s many things you can do to help cut the tension for both parties. As a photographer I always try to make people laugh and also asking questions to get to know them builds a rapport with them, which makes the shoot run smoothly. Being professional is very important but it doesn’t mean you have to be a robot. Having great vibes during a shoot puts everyone involved in a good space.

C O N F I D E N C E  I S  K E Y

Confidence can be seen in images. That’s where communication comes in handy. As the model you can always communicate with the photographer beforehand to see what they’re trying to capture during the shoot, that way on the day of the shoot you already have an idea of what is expected. The camera is literally your friend. Being comfortable will bring out the confidence in you. Believe in yourself, believe in your art and just have fun.

B E  O P E N  T O  I D E A S

Don’t shy away from being experimental during a shoot. Be open to new ideas on the spot and also incorporating your creativity as the model helps. Trust that the photographer only has good intensions for you during the shoot.  I’m always open to the mind of the model and taking feedback. Two minds together are better than one.

C A R R Y  A  C E R T A I N  E T I Q U E T T E  A F T E R  T H E  S H O O T

Carry a certain etiquette after the shoot. If you’re going to post the photos always make sure to give credit to everyone that were involved with bringing this shoot to life. Also when receiving the finalize images from the photographer, do not put a filter on the image or crop it. Its insulting the hard work and art of the photographer. As a photographer, if you enjoyed working with a model, sending a short thank you note and saying why you enjoyed working with them. Also if the model is getting paid for these images, try getting printed at timely manner.

Professionalism and courtesy goes a long way.

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